Motivation of The Founder

My way as a single mother – in Guatemala, Germany and Switzerland – and my very eventful personal biography with often major obstacles and challenges have given me many experiences,  insights and lessons. I was able to master my path of life because there was always a way, a door open and I have always met people who believed in me and supported me in a selfless and loving way. It is my concern to put my life in such a commitment and to help people who are stuck in a difficult and seemingly hopeless situation in a promising way in their autonomy and independence. With this intention, I founded this foundation, not for myself, but for young people who still have the longest part of their life in front of them. My dream is big, I start small and hope that the first small house of Theotokos will develop a good and great momentum so that there are more small houses in other areas of Guatemala and Latin America. I am beginning to realize this dream, with the idea, the seed so to speak, and a great deal of enthusiasm and enthusiasm also from many people I have involved in the beginning. Not only because I do not have the means and the strength to go through this project alone, but also because this idea is not to depending in its implementation on me or another person, we must work as a team. The people of this initial team will perform a more or less elaborate initial deployment. In the foreseeable future, however, the individual projects will be self-sufficient financially and organizationally.

Brigitte Biegansky

Founder and Director

“I am still dreaming, but it is no longer something for me but for those children and young people who want to study and have no financial resources.” Founder