Access to a Vocational  Education

Focused on discovering and fostering each person’s individual skills. Through the creation of a revolving fund that allows young people access to the financing of their studies, which will have to be reinstated when they start their work activities, without surcharge of interest and calculated according to their income. To complement their knowledge with the learning of the German language and to achieve access to a higher education abroad.

Reducing poverty and inequality

Our “Little House” is in principle unconditionally open to all mothers and their children. The only requirement is that the “philosophy” of the house be respected and applied.

Working with different organizations and companies

We are striving to achieve contracts with different organizations and companies that are profitable for both sides. These are primarily confectionary works which are carried out by our mothers and which secure the subsistence minimum. In addition, we hope to work part-time – at best as volunteers – from professionals for training purposes in theory and practice (e.g. Gardener, carpenter, etc.). In return, we promote the associated organizations/companies and these can point to their sustainable and ethically correct cooperation with us.