About Us

Our Vision and Objectives

We want to contribute with our actions and initiatives to counteract social inequality, unemployment and to overcome the lack of opportunities. Implementing our vision and our goals with our projects and our philosophy, we want to contribute to counteract the longstanding social inequality, the widespread unemployment and the hopelessness of this situation. We want to show that changes are beginning slowly and are possible.

Enable young people to become skilled professionals in many fields (trade, tourism, hospitality, academic professions and crafts)

Young adults receive a broad general education with a degree equivalent to the Abitur, the German equivalent of the Baccalaureate. After the training, the young specialists should usually come back and, depending on their profession, participate in our projects as “teachers” for a certain period of time. Professionals who start their own business in Guatemala, for example, should then train apprentices and always give school leavers from our project a chance.

Extension and Development of our “Model”

Continue to develop and expand our “model” Theotokos Little House, as it funtions, is intended to serve as an example for wider areas in Guatemala and later also in other countries in Central America.

The local economy and society also benefit from this

The local economy and society also benefit from the cooperation with organisations from economy, politics and the church at national and international level and has a particular positive impact on society, on our project and also on the companies involved. Companies that award work to our project may no longer have the absolute highest financial profit, but are enriched by the knowledge that they make an important contribution to a just and well-functioning society.

Our values

We are laymen who are committed to our society. It is important to us that each individual person is better off by doing better. The childhood of all people should be marked by respect, tolerance, love, protection and promotion. Every person should be able to secure his own existence in principle. A well-functioning society benefits from all its members because they all have their skills and responsibilities. It works especially well when all people are involved and especially bad when some are excluded. We look forward to people sharing our ideas and values. Of course, we welcome everybody who is willing to make an individual contribution – in whatever form – for our project.

The Foundation Theotokos Little House is a private non-profit organization without political and religious ends. We only pursue the above goals and are politically, confessionally and in the long term economically independent.

We trust in God’s love for humanity and believe in his perfect righteousness.

Trusting in love and the divine power our intention is shaped by the idea that we humans are all equal and, in this sense, a large family. Those who are doing well can and should use it to be a little better for those who are doing badly.

As a role model

For our commitment to “Theotokos Little House” we follow the principles that also govern our lives: respect, tolerance, justice, honesty and love.

We respect Human rights, laws and precepts

Our activities are always of spiritual nature. We do not only respect people from other cultures, with other ideas and customs, we also want to learn from them.

Theotokos Little House Philosophy

With our personal commitment and our ideas of single mothers and their children, we want to provide a starting aid to secure their existence on their own and independently and to give young people (especially orphans) access to Education and training.

With setting up this foundation, we initially want to give some and later more small families a chance to take their destiny into their own hands and to lead a self-determined life that is respected by society. In a first phase, we are dependent on companies who are willing to give us work. Mothers must be willing to take responsibility, work as a team, respect rules and live in solidarity. We see ourselves as intermediaries and patrons. Our projects are to become self-supporting and independent in a further step as quickly as possible. Our organization is to be carried by orders from companies, work with a very small body and excel above all by countless successful projects and appropriately people whose curriculum vitae with our dedication takes a happy turn and experiences a more rewarding future.